Over the years as we began marketing our truckload services to the public, we found there were many other related services needed by the manufacturers we serviced. These included local cartage, warehousing and distribution, LTL freight consolidation and on site storage trailers to name a few. As these services became more and more in demand we positioned our company to be available to offer a number of related services to our customers. Based on a one call does it all philosophy, we have consistently shown our customers that we are leaders in finding and implementing strategies related to their logistic needs.

The business model that we have in place is very market driven.  We remain close to our customer base and work to find ways to improve the process of getting product to the consignee on time, consistent with a safe operation.  As we developed and expanded the company we paid attention to what the shipping public needed and what were the most strategic ways to help them. We have patterned All Pro Freight and our services accordingly. We are committed to keeping abreast of changes that may redirect our customer’s needs and we are dedicated to being positioned and prepared to be their preferred logistics source.